So, this is it. My first blog! Why? I am not entirely sure yet, but my fingers have been itching for a while now (no, for more than a while, actually for over a year, but I was afraid to start) so I decided to just sit behind my computer and start typing, see what comes out.

You see, with the ‘work’ I do, it is relatively easy to see what is going on with a client and give them feedback, help them to make steps they want to make and see their progression. It is easy functioning as a mirror for them and holding it up. Every time I am grateful and humbled that I get to be that person that they trust.


Lisanne at The Wave National Monument

It is not so easy to be a mirror to myself, holding it up and say: Lisanne, I see that this is going on. Usually when I feel ‘stuck’ I do the things I know that may help: I use self-inquiry, I do yoga or a meditation, I give myself a breathwork session, I dance, I do whatever I can to make myself get out of that ‘stuck’ situation. Moving energy is key! Often they work, but sometimes the known ways to get out don’t work. They scratch the surface, but something deeper is needed.

So what is that? What is needed? And why? And why don’t I know yet what is needed? Why does it take so long? Can’t I just do what I already know and make that pain in my trhoat, or jaw, or wherever it shows up go away? How long do I have to endure this pain?

Sometimes I end up fighting instead of listening…

You see, I believe that pain doesn’t just show up, I believe there often is a reason that we encounter certain pains or inconveniences. Ok, sometimes you just accidentally walk into the bed, hit your toe and you say some nasty words, but the next day that pain is gone. When some pain consistently is nagging, it usually is a sign that something is going on and that you need to pay attention (maybe you also need to pay attention to that bed though ;))

One of my great inspirations is the book ‘De sleutel tot zelfbevrijding’ (or translated ‘the key to free yourself’) by Christiane Beerlandt. In this book she describes the psychosomatic background for almost every physical pain or disease you can think of. When I consult her book, look up the right page and start reading, I usually find myself crying in recognition and at the end of the text taking a deep sigh. Yes! I knew something like this was going on, I just couldn’t really give it the right words from my physical experience. It is so good to feel that recognition and see those words, feel them resonate inside my being. When I close the book, I reflect on the words and try to take the ‘lessons’ she describes to heart.

I pause. I accept my body is giving me signals. I can choose to ignore them, but I choose to listen as close as I can.

Hence, my first blog!

So, what do you do when you encounter pain or inconvenience in your body? Do you ignore it, run away or listen? And how do you do that? What ‘helps’ you? I would love to hear and see your reply in the comment box below!

With love,



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