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She was walking on the sidewalk. A car drove by and she cringed. Not knowing why, feeling anxious while seemingly she was safe. But she didn’t feel safe.

Experiences from our past determine how we react and feel in this moment. We can either let that be and choose to live with that, or we can choose to release old patterns that don’t serve us any more and create new, more helpful habits and ultimately reactions.

When you choose the second path and are looking for ways to heal, to feel more energetic and free yourself, you are at the right address.

BreathWorks specialises at releasing trauma and chronic tension from our bodies simply by using something we all have and can use at any time:


Breathworks for you

Feel healthy, energetic and free by releasing tension from your body with the natural power of your breath

What is BreathWork?

‘Breathwork’ is a collective name for practises that include the use of breath in a conscious way. There are many varieties that range from easy minute practises to hour long sessions. Using your breath in a conscious way is a powerful tool to connect with yourself and your needs, contributing to your resilience, your wellbeing and your vitality.

Breathwork coach Lisanne van Niekerk teaching her student in a breathworks class how to breathe to remove stress.

“Whatever your experience is right now, trust you can get in touch with the innate wisdom of your body and let go of ‘stuck’ energy that may linger. Freeing yourself from ‘holding’ this energy will help you feel more vibrant and joyful in your life!”

Free spirited woman dancing on the beach in winter with vitality and feeling free.

“Whatever your experience is right now, trust you can get in touch with the innate wisdom of your body and let go of ‘stuck’ energy that may linger. Freeing yourself from ‘holding’ this energy will help you feel more vibrant and joyful in your life!”

Free spirited woman dancing on the beach in winter with vitality and feeling free.

Biodynamic breathwork

& trauma release system

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS®) integrates the latest scientific findings on how the body’s nervous system stores and releases energy combined with bodywork and experience. It is specifically designed to release chronic tension (or trauma) from the body.

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS®) integrates the latest scientific findings on how the body’s nervous system stores and releases energy combined with bodywork and experience. It is specifically designed to release chronic tension (or trauma) from the body.

woman sitting in a prayer pose doing a breathwork for individuals class

What you can experience

Feel chronic pain and tension release

Use BBTRS® to release tension held in your nervous system and the chronic pains that are connected. Feel how your body can open up with the use of your breath, creating more space and freedom to move pain-free.

When we experience chronic pain and tension in our bodies that cannot be traced back to a clear cause, these are often related to blocked energy and a heightened tension level on our nervous system. In these cases doctors might sometimes give a name but often no cure. Examples may be tense muscles, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, eating disorders, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, self-destructive behaviour and decreased concentration

Feel connected and safe in your body again

Use BBTRS® to connect to your body and breath, to feel safe and connected to your body. This type of breathwork is specifically designed to help you move through any unresolved ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode you are in, helping you to regain a neutral state in your nervous system.

Feel renewed energy and vitality

Use your breath to open up your body and to restore the natural energy flow in your system. By doing so, energy used to repress tension is freed up in your system, resulting in a sense of more energy and vitality.

Feel how old patterns ease

Get to know yourself, your patterns and your boundaries through BBTRS®. Get to recognise these when they kick in and hold you back and learn how to change them so they start to work for you in your daily life.

What clients are saying

“I was able to experience the breathing session series for trauma release with Lisanne.  She is an amazing facilitator.  I really enjoyed the sessions.  Through this process the body is able to release the unnecessary blocked tensions and emotions we accumulate and repress.  I really liked that it is a non-verbal process.  I highly recommend this process!”

Isabelle Delgrange, Client full body breathwork trajectory

“It was time to release tension in my system again.  The workshop was exactly what I was looking for.  My breath has shown me where I am building tension in my body.  Even in places I wasn’t aware of.  After the workshop I literally felt liberated, a burden was lifted off me.  I felt lighter, freer in my movements and clear and energetic again.”

Marielle Bekker , Participant breathing workshop

“If you are curious about breathwork, you’ll find warm, kind and professional support with Lisanne.  I did the full breathwork series.  With her gentle guidance, I was able to breathe more fully in my entire body.  I felt held and safe in her presence and was able to let my body move without feeling ashamed.  She noticed when I was not present anymore and was able to get my attention back to the body and breath.”

Lalitha Maitri, Client full body breathwork trajectory

“Lisanne has definitely developed a great understanding of the body and how to guide someone through releasing thoughts and ideas about past issues that are stored in the body that no longer serve us.  She is 100% present when doing this and holds space to help guide one through these traumatic experiences.  I believe her training has allowed her to tap into an intuitive gift that she has been given and we are lucky that she shares her gift!”

Eric Ewing, Stage4 Ninja Warrior, Cancer thriver

“Pleasant, safe and effective.  Warm and loving.  Most important: attention to the individual.  From the head, into the heart and body. Working in a safe environment and balance between the mind, the heart and the soul.  Special to experience the power of breathing.  Valuable.”

Paul, Workshop participant

How Does BBTRS® Work?

BBTRS integrates 6 elements that are integrated during a breathing session to help support the body to release chronic tension and return to its natural and balanced state:

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System logo


Meditation is the basis of BBTRS®. It is used to support resonance in the practitioner and integration for the client. It is the natural resting state the mind and body often return to after BBTRS® sessions. Different approaches to meditation can be used in sessions or workshops, from active meditations to silently sitting or laying down resting.

Deep connected breathing

BBTRS® uses deep connected breathing to charge the body to activate specific belts of muscular tension and emotional patterns. The breath is also used to calm the body down and resource, using the connected breathing as a constant factor throughout the session. The sessions are designed to stimulate and rebalance your mind and body from head to toe.


BBTRS® uses somatic and creative movement exercises to allow vibration and release held energy in the body’s tissues. This may include fascial opening, core tension release and therapeutic use of dance. This array of movement from playful warm-ups to whole-body shaking and undulating spinal waves is what makes BBTRS® truly transformative.


Soft emotional release can be part of a BBTRS® session, but is not a goal. You are supported to stay present while revisiting deeper feelings and sensations – and return to your own sense of comfort whenever necessary. This balance is key to the BBTRS® approach. It supports you to release and integrate trauma, rather than simply relive it or become overwhelmed.

Conscious touch

BBTRS® uses conscious touch on many levels, from the body’s energetic field to contact with core muscles. It is applied with consent and sensitivity to increase awareness and support energy flow.


Sound is one of the most powerful and supportive tools used in BBTRS® sessions. The effects of sound on our nervous system are truly remarkable. By using vocalization, recordings and live instrumental sounds, this element becomes a huge resource in the sessions.

Want to know more about the 6 elements of biodynamic breathwork?

Check out my video below!

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Here’s what I offer

Private breathing sessions

Dive into your own process with a series of breathing sessions to help you uncover what you can let go of. Discover your body in a different way than you are used to and connect with yourself on a deep level

These sessions are offered online and in person either in Dutch or English. (In person sessions are held in upstate New York. Sessions from the Netherlands will be held online.)


Single: (one session. €135 excl BTW)

Light: (3 sessions. €400 excl BTW)

Full body: (8 sessions. €1000 excl BTW)

Breathwork coaching sessions

Take a look at patterns that are holding you back and uncover and change them with coaching sessions. These may be the right fit for you when you are interested in a deeper connection with your head, heart and body, but not sure if the deeper breathwork is for you. In these sessions we talk and do easy practises to help you reach your personal or professional goals.

Coaching sessions can also be combined with a breathing trajectory to help you integrate the insights you gained during these sessions and let them land on a practical level in your day-to-day life.


Single: (one session. €135 excl BTW)

Light: (3 sessions. €400 excl BTW)

Bold: (8 sessions. €1000 excl BTW)

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frequently asked questions

The breathing sessions are designed to let go of chronic tension held in the body on a physical, mental and emotional level. With the release of these tensions, you may experience a shift or breakthrough in your experience on all levels.

When tension releases, the body rebalances itself, naturally going into a state of relaxation and healing. At the end of a session, people generally feel relaxed and calm. After (a series of) breathing sessions, the shifts in energy become apparent on different levels in life, opening up the body for more vibrancy, energy and joy that you experience in your daily life.

A private breathing session is held in a safe space with full attention of the facilitator that guides you step by step through the breathing session. The session is fully customized to your needs and will take the 6 elements as a basis to support you in your process. You can optimally explore and break through whatever you need to let go to completely recharge and reset your body into a more vibrant version of you. Afterwards you will have a short reflection and homework to practice with to support integration of the session

Sessions take 1 – 1.5 hours. They take place in my studio in Den Bosch or online and they can be combined with personal coaching sessions.

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® has a few contraindications to make sure that taking part in a breathing session is safe for you. If you have any of the following, please contact me before taking part in a breathing session so we can adjust the session for you:

Pregnancy, heavy asthma, severe heart disease/cardiovascular disease/very high blood pressure, mental illness/disorders patients, epilepsy and history of seizure, acute physical injuries, severe diabetes.

No session while intoxicated with drugs/alcohol. (This excludes prescribed medications)

Of course, there are many ways to release stuck energy from the body. For me, the most powerful way I have found is through the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®). It has been super effective and has literally changed my life! That is why I also want to share the power of this work with YOU!