Breathing space in your work

You have finished your working day and you shut down your computer. You barely had time for a break today and find yourself thirsty. That your neck and shoulders are tight and that you are quite tired.

You work hard, your ambitions are high and a lot is asked from you by those around you. And that’s good, because that makes you grow, you have new experiences and you feel that you are moving in the right direction. And of course it sometimes takes its toll, that’s part of the deal.

Maybe you sometimes have the feeling that it is just too much, that you are going too far and then need the evening or the weekend to recover or that you are even teetering on the edge of burnout.

You are in any case aware that this way of working is not sustainable in the long term. You are looking for ways to improve your vitality, so that you can continue to perform well and achieve your ambitions.

The power of breath

Young business woman with high leadership potential standing confidently in her office with her laptop in her arms.

When you are always busy at work, it affects your performance and how good you feel in your work.

Imagine if you could:

Experience more peace, focus and energy when you need it

Can improve your performance and realise your ambitions

You feel vital and valued in your in your work

You have energy left at the end of the day for the things you want to do next to your work

Simply by consciously using something that you always have with you:

your breath

Being and feeling vital through conscious breathing

The online training ‘Breathing space in your work’ has been specially developed for you as a high performer. It offers a new way of thinking about breathing that helps you improve your well-being at work by increasing your concentration and focus and lowering your stress level.

When you are stressed, your breathing is usually shallow. This means that you are not breathing optimally to properly nourish your body. This ensures that you cannot perform optimally. If you do that in the long run, it can lead to chronic stress or even illness.

At the end of this training you will:

 Know exactly when and how you need to build some breathing space into your working day. In a way that suits you best to experience more peace, focus and energy during your work.

In addition, you will learn a number of simple techniques that have proven benefits for your energy level, sleep quality and your overall vitality.

Breathworks coach Lisanne van Niekerk standing in a beautiful garden in Den Bosch.

Meet Lisanne

Due to a burnout at the age of 22 and then years of ‘balancing on the edge’ during her work, Lisanne started looking for things that DO work to feel vital in work and perform well at the same time.

And with success.

In this training Lisanne takes you along, based on her own experience, in how you can literally and figuratively create more peace, focus and energy in your work with breathwork and thus use your full potential

What clients are saying

“I highly recommend the training ‘Breathing space in your work’. Lisanne provides clear explanations and instructions in her videos. This means that the breathing techniques are immediately and easily applicable in your daily practice. You can get started after the first module with explanation.

In the weeks that followed, I really noticed a difference in how I coped with the hustle and bustle of the day. I now have a means to be in control of how I feel, while my busy work environment has remained exactly the same. It makes me feel better, work more efficiently and therefore get more done and I feel less tired at the end of the day!”

Leonie, Learning & Development Consultant

“By following the training ‘Breathing space in your work’ I was able to really take the time to focus on my body and my breathing.

It has given me more body awareness and balance and it gives me the techniques to relax during a busy day, which I can also implement after the training.

In this training Lisanne combines techniques from the old Eastern wisdoms with modern science. She explains the backgrounds of the breathing techniques very nicely and takes you step by step through the exercises in a very pleasant way.

I highly recommend this training!”

Sophie Aarts, Higher education professional at Fontys Hogeschool

“Breathing more conscious and varied is not just fun and feeling good; it is a necessity for achieving and having a life full of purpose and love. 

Lisanne has allowed me to feel the difference. She succeeded in creating a professional and educational online breathing training. In a few weeks you’ll learn and experience a difference in how you handle stress. 

I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to get the maximum out of every day and life.”

Laurens, Participant 'Breathing space in your work'
“Lisanne explains how you can use breathwork in your daily work in a clear and pleasant way. The exercises are clear and gave me new insights and tools to use now and in the future. Thank you!”
Fridja Ernens, Integration manager hydrogen Holland at Shell

“I have experienced this training as very useful. I believe that a lot of our physical complaints have to do with a dysfunctional breathing pattern. This training helps you to become more aware and to reflect on how you can apply breathing within your work.

After following this training I have experienced that I feel more rest in my (nervous) system and therefore have fewer neck and shoulder complaints. By applying the techniques every day, I notice that it helps me to experience less stress during my busy working days. I feel that it helps me to better distribute my energy and thus have more energy for things outside of work.

Lisanne has recorded very nice techniques that are pleasant to listen to and help master them well”

Nadiya Mutsaers, Orofacial physiotherapist and owner of Orofaciaal centrum Vught

6 weeks to more peace, focus and energy

This 6-week online training offers you all the tools you need to improve your rest, focus and energy at work through your breathing.

This training is for you if:

  • want to reduce stress at work
  • want to experience more energy, focus and peace in your work
  • want to improve your vitality and performance

The training is specially tailored to your busy schedule so that you can follow it flexibly during the day.

The short videos and audios vary from 2 to a maximum of 12 minutes and guide you in how you can best build breathing space into your work – in a way that suits you and is future proof.

Personal coaching for optimal results

To maximize your results and help you reach your unique goals, you’ll receive personal coaching during your program.

During your (free) intake for the program you’ll define your goals and we’ll make a personal plan to accompany your online training with the right amount of coaching for you.

This may vary between 1 – 6 coaching sessions.

Personal coaching adds:


Accountability and reaching your goals


Creating a personal routine that actually works


Experience the training results long-term


Prevent burnout, or get out of it faster

Inside the program:

6 weeks

8 modules

6 short videos every week

3 breathing audios every week

Dutch version is available now!

Are you ready to get started?

Request your free intake for the training and start at your convenience. Depending on your personal goals and coaching wishes, pricing of the training varies between €222,- and € 950,-.

frequently asked questions

When you are ready to start, request your training via the contact form and together we’ll set up an intake and after that your starting date. 

You will always have access to the training, as long as the platform continues to exist (and we assume the lifetime guarantee that Teachable provides in it).

If you already have experience with breath work, this is a great training to deepen your knowledge and to build a daily practice specifically into your workday.

The training ideally takes 6 weeks from the moment you start. This will help you build momentum to create the perfect breathing practice for you. But, life gets busy sometimes, so if you want to take it slower, that is ok too! Once you are inside you can follow the training at your own pace.

You can join the training without any prior knowledge of breathwork

No worries! You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.