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Great to have you here! My name is Lisanne and my passion is facilitating you to live your full potential. The key in my work is to help you connect with the innate wisdom and powerful capacity of your body by using various ways.

Everybody is different.

Every situation is different.

Everyone grows in a different way.

That means a customised and practical approach is needed for a person or group. By using breathwork, coaching and facilitation I help you to create your own breakthrough.

My work will always be matched to your specific needs and will help you grow. At your pace. In your own unique way! This can be both on a personal level or on a professional level with your team. Find your way in the sections below.

“We can all break through patterns that don’t serve us any more and live a more vibrant and joyful life!”

Business Facilitation
Business Facilitation

If you want to consult which approach is right for you at the moment, contact me for a free 15 minute intake by sending me a message including your phone number and I will contact you. 

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I offer a variety in breathwork, coaching and facilitation products that will always be matched to your specific needs and they will help you grow. At your pace. In your own unique way! Find the product that speaks most to you below. All sessions are given in Dutch and/or English. 



Business Facilitation

Hire me & co-create with me!

Do you want to organize a workshop in your yoga studio or partner in organizing a workshop or retreat? Or do you want a kick-ass co-facilitator who brings a bright analytic mind and breath into your project? Send me a message through my contact page!

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