About Lisanne

Lisanne is a certified Level IV Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® facilitator, certified 200hr yoga instructor, certified Intercoach coach and teamcoach and certified group facilitator for creative breakthrough processes.

She facilitates leadership and breathing trainings for businesses and gives workshops and private breathing and coaching sessions in The Netherlands (Den Bosch) and online.

Hi, my name is Lisanne and my passion is to facilitate you to connect with the innate wisdom and full capacities of your body, so you can live your true potential. At work and at home.

I believe we can all take steps towards living more fully and listening to our body is key.

I have always been interested in the natural healing powers of the body. As a child I was already interested in working with herbs and foods to heal the body and feel more energetic.

During my years in university, this interest was pushed more to the background by studying and the student life.

In those years I had a tough period when one of my best friends suddenly died in a car crash. Somehow I coped and I went on with everything best I could and found welcome distraction in my ‘busy’ life at that point.

I decided that life is short and that I want to enjoy it best I can.

My body was giving me more and more urgent signals and was screaming for attention. I got all sorts of physical inconveniences ranging from weight gain to wheat intolerance, signs of burnout and repetitive strain injury.

Knowing and feeling that this was serious, I started my search for a way that I could release the pains and find the ‘original happy me’ again.

My search led me to beautiful places and to some non-supportive places as well.

When I heard people tell me ‘you just have to learn to live with it’ this was frustrating. I didn’t believe them and went on with my search. Yoga, meditation and coaching were some of the ways that have absolutely helped me in my search and that I practise daily.

The first time I learned about breathwork was through a youtube video of two funny-looking guys talking about the benefits of their training. Somehow it stayed with me. I took the leap and signed up, terrified!

It was one of the best choices I ever made.

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® has given me my biggest breakthroughs in releasing old patterns and pains. This system works with releasing held tension in the body from experiences that are not fully coped with or worked through. (I had a few ;)).

It uses the integration of 6 elements and is extremely powerful. Every time I did a new training I felt like a new person, continually becoming more me and connecting with my essence.

I am truly grateful for my personal process and I feel so much more free, alive, happy, playful, positieve and grounded in my body than I did ten years ago during my study. Of course, it is a practise to keep up the good energy and I am still learning every day

These gifts that I have found are what I want to share with people like you and me: people that want to create their own breakthrough and healing, in their business or privately.

Are you ready to look inside?

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