Everybody is different. That means different approaches are needed. I offer a variety in breathwork sessions and coaching sessions (all sessions are given in Dutch and/or English). Private sessions take place in Den Bosch, NL, or online.

Individual Breathing Sessions:

This breathwork is the most personal and will let you dive deep into your process with the full attention of the facilitator just for you.

  • Intake / single session: 100 euro 
  • Full body package of 7 sessions: 600 euro 

Sessions take approximately 1,5 hours. To make an appointment, send a request through my contact page. If you feel want a free 15 minute intake to check if a session is right for you, leave your phone number and I will contact you. 

Breath Workshops:

Perfect when you are new to breathwork and want to experience the power of Biodynamic Breathwork in a group. These workshops give an introduction to the work in an easy way. Prices differ per workshop.

Coaching Sessions:

Perfect when you want to tackle a specific question or challenge, in work or personal, and you are looking for someone to challenge you, ask the hard questions and help you get the insights you need to create a personal breakthrough! 

Leave your phone number on my contact page for a free 15 minute intake to check out if coaching is right for you! I will create a personal package based on your needs. It is also possible to combine coaching and breathwork. 

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Do you want to partner in organizing a workshop or retreat? Send me a message through my contact page!