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Breathing Breaks

The Breathing Breaks are a short easy breathing practise with techniques to relax, recharge and get a clear mind. You’ll follow them from your home, since they are offered online. Each week for free! Find out more and sign up here.

Biodynamic Breath Workshops

Perfect when you are new to breathwork and want to experience the power of Biodynamic Breathwork in a group setting. These workshops give an introduction to the work in an easy way combined with movement and meditation exercises. Workshops may have different themes and prices differ per workshop. Find your workshop below!

Workshop Schedule:

Inner Peace workshop Breath & Nidra: 27th December 15 – 18 hrs

Inner peace – Open up to your depth with Breath & Nidra

On the 27th of December 15 – 18 hrs CET I will give an amazing workshop together with my dear friend Steffi von Brunner who specialises in the art of Yoga Nidra. This workshop will be a unique opportunity to go deep and end your year in the best way. Set yourself up for a relaxed and open transfer into the new and join us online for this workshop:

If you have found yourself to be distracted, diverted and tired and 2020 was not how you imagined to be, you can relax. 2020 was a big year for all of us, certainly one we will remember. However, this is the time to take your chance and change your energy into something more fruitful for you. Into a centeredness and clearness that will help you tackle all the obstacles in your way and make them learning opportunities.
This workshop will bring you clarity, peace of mind and heart and will help you end this year in a high, making a fresh start into the next year. This is your opportunity to clear energy that you don’t need any more. To let go of unprocessed experiences that your body held onto. To release and relax and come into a silent place where you find yourself. Your own life energy. Your clarity. Your inner peace.

In this workshop we’ll combine biodynamic breathwork with yoga nidra to go even deeper.
Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System is an integrated system specifically designed to release held tension and trauma from the body. We will use this modality to explore our body and release tension to enhance the energy flow and relaxation in the body.
Yoga Nidra is a relaxation meditation that leads you to a more extensive state of consciousness, by slowing down brain activity and deep relaxation of the physical body. You enter a deep sleep state where your body returns to its purest self and self healing is activated.
With these two practices combined, we believe that this workshop will give you an experience that you will remember for a long time!
Give yourself the gift of inner peace and subscribe.

When: 27th of December. 15 – 18 PM Amsterdam time (CET); 9.00 – 12.00 AM New York time (EST)

How: This workshop will be online. Once you subscribe you will receive a link for ZOOM and details on how to join the workshop

For Who: This workshop is for all humans and all levels, but it is definitely for you when you are curious to know yourself, to find out what you can release and where you can relax more. Are you ready for a journey?

Price: €45,-

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Your facilitators:

Steffi Von Brunner

Steffi is a certified yoga teacher, belly massage therapist and reiki healer specialised in the female pelvis.

She works with womxn to make space in their body, mind and spirit.  Combining different practices together she now has a comprehensive knowledge on educating womxn on pelvic health and helping them with many pelvic issues. She feels it is her mission  to empower womxn to take back their pelvic power and health.

Find out more about Steffi

Lisanne van Niekerk

Lisanne is a certified Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® facilitator, yoga instructor, coach, teamcoach and group facilitator.

Her passion is to help people connect with the innate wisdom their bodies hold and to use this in daily life. She facilitates leadership and breathing trainings for businesses and gives workshops and private breathing and coaching sessions in The Netherlands (Den Bosch) and online.

Find out more about Lisanne

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