Workshops and Events

Biodynamic Breath Workshops

Perfect when you are new to breathwork and want to experience the power of Biodynamic Breathwork in a group setting. These workshops give an introduction to the work in an easy way combined with movement and meditation exercises. Workshops may have different themes and prices differ per workshop.

Summer Magic Breath Circle: 23rd of August, 19 – 22 hrs

Summer is the season of the nature around us in full bloom with vivid colours and delicious fruits. It is the season of the sun, the season of holiday and relaxation.

This summer breath workshop will allow you to connect with your inner sun and relaxed place that you always carry within you. The breath will take you on a journey deep inside, discovering what treasures and fruits are inside that are ready to blossom, or ready to let go. Either way, it will be a profound journey that will boost your energy and aliveness. 

Are you ready for the journey?

Date: 23rd of August
Location: Pannûkoek, Reutensedijk 4, Vught
Time: 19 – 22 hrs
Investment: €47,50

Reserve your space: fill out your details in the contact form

This workshop will be given in Dutch and/or English depending on the participants.

Check out the facebook event with Dutch text here! 

Summer Soul Thursdays

Yes! Het is zomer!!! Lekker weer en relaxen 🙂 Zit jij al in de ‘vibe’? Versterk je vibe of creëer hem tijdens de Summer Soul Thursdays! 3 spontane zomer lessen met een combinatie van yoga, adem en meditatie in het park in de avondzon. Jij en je vriendinnen worden begeleid in verschillende oefeningen om je lichaam te versterken, verruimen en ontspannen. Je hebt geen ervaring nodig om mee te doen! Kom iets van tevoren en have fun! Neem eventueel je picknickmand mee voor daarna ;-).

Event info:

Data: 18 Juli, 1 Augustus, 15 Augustus
Tijd: 18 – 19 uur
Locatie: IJzeren Vrouw Den Bosch op het grasveld naast de Esso aan de oost-kant

Neem mee:
€5,- lesgeld (liefst cash)
Je eigen (yoga)mat met eventueel een kussen/deken/blok om lekker te kunnen zitten
Kleding waar je goed in kan bewegen en die warm genoeg is

Geef aan of je komt in het facebook event en sluit aan samen met je vriendinnen. Verdere aanmelding is niet nodig.

Mocht onverhoopt het weer te slecht zijn, dan zal er 2 uur van tevoren een cancel-bericht geplaatst worden in het facebook event.

De les wordt gegeven in het Nederlands en eventueel Engels door inspirator en yoga docent Lisanne van Niekerk.

*English text*

Yes! Summer is here! Time for good weather and relaxing 🙂 Are you already in your summer ‘vibe’? Strengthen your vibe or create it during the Summer Soul Thursdays! 3 spontaneous summer classes that combine yoga, breathwork and meditation in the park with the evening sun as our decor. You and your friends will be guided through different exercises to strengthen, open and relax your body. You don’t need any experience to join! Arrive a few minutes prior to starting time and have fun with us! Maybe even take your picnic basket for after 😉

Event info:

Dates: 18th of July, 1st of August, 15th of August
Time: 18 – 19 hrs pm
Location: IJzeren Vrouw Den Bosch on the grass field next to the Esso on the East side

Take with you:
€5,- for the class (cash preferred)
Your (yoga)mat, optional with pillow/blanket/block to sit on comfortably
Clothes that are comfortable and warm enough

Check the box ‘join’ in the facebook event, share with your friends and come together! Extra registration is not required.

If for some chance the weather is really bad, 2 hours prior to the event we will post a message in the facebook event if the class is cancelled.

The class will be given in Dutch and mixed with English where needed 😉 and will be given by Lisanne van Niekerk