Learn what others say about their experience with BreathWorks:

Business Facilitation

“BreathWorks reminds me to stop and breathe. To take a moment and connect to what I do and why. Lisanne effortlessly takes you on that journey and makes you conscious of what the breath and connection with the body can do. She connects with the whole group. Lisanne and professional go in the same breath!” – Olga Brommet, project manager DHV – Royal Haskoning


“Lisanne embodies such a gentle, beautiful grace. I felt completely supported and safe during my breathing session to surrender in her guidance and care. The session stirred up a lot of trapped emotions and my awareness was extremely heightened. I was able to feel what was no longer serving me with actionable practices for renewal and release.” – Cole Lopez, founder and CEO of House of Magick


“I feel more comfortable, secure and powerful in my work. The coaching helped me to be more open, both in work and my private life. I now recognize the effects of stress and know what I can do to counteract them. I was a little sceptical, but Lisanne helped me understand my motivation and offered great new ‘out of the box’ insights that I use every day and help me not to fall back into my old patterns.” – Marloes Jongewaard, project manager Ministry of Economics

Lisanne has definitely developed a great understanding of the body and how to guide someone through releasing thoughts and ideas about past issues that are stored in the body that no longer serve us. She is 100% present when doing this, and holds space to help guide one through these traumatic experiences. I believe her training has allowed her to tap into a intuitive gift that she has been given and we are lucky that she shares her gift.” – Eric Ewing, Cancer Ninja Warrior

“If you are curious about breathwork, you’ll find warm, kind and professional support with Lisanne. I did the full breathwork series. With her gentle guidance, I was able to breathe more fully in my entire body. I felt held and safe in her presence and was able to let my body move without feeling ashamed. She noticed when I was not present anymore and was able to get my attention back to the body and breath.” – Isabelle Delgrange, founder and CEO of Lovin’ Ame’rica

“I loved the breathing workshop with Lisanne! It is a unique experience that opens doors that usually stay closed.” – Farish

” I attended the breathing workshop because I wanted to improve my breathing. I know that it is of little use to work on breathing without including underlying tension. That is exactly what I experienced during the workshop. Not by talking or brining back memories, but just by using the breathwork. Lisanne created a safe space and facilitates everyone exactly where they need. This proces felt very natural to me, even though it was the first time. I have the feeling that my breathy and especially my heart opened up.”
– Neeltje Wijtvliet