‘De adem workshop was een hele fijne ervaring. De tijd is omgevlogen. De fijne ademhalingsoefeningen en Lisanne’s ondersteuning en stem zijn super fijn. Ik voelde de verkramping wegzakken en mijn spieren ontspannen. Ik kom graag nog eens.’


‘Ik vond de breathing workshop bij Lisanne super fijn! Het is een unieke ervaring die poorten opent die normaal gesproken gesloten blijven.’


‘I feel more comfortable, secure and powerful in my work. The coaching helped me to be more open, both in work and my private life. I now recognize the effects of stress and know what I can do to counteract them. I was a little sceptical, but Lisanne helped me understand my motivation and offered great new ‘out of the box’ insights that I use every day and help me not to fall back into my old patterns.’


‘Ik kwam bij deze workshop terecht omdat ik mijn ademhaling wilde verbeteren. Ik weet dat het weinig zin heeft om aan mijn ademhaling te werken zonder de onderliggende spanning aan te pakken.
Dat is precies wat ik in de workshop heb ervaren. Niet door te praten of herinneringen op te halen, maar alleen door deze ademtechniek toe te passen. Lisanne creëert een veilige sfeer en begeleid iedereen precies daar waar nodig, zodat het proces voor mij heel natuurlijk voelde terwijl het de eerste keer was. Ik heb het gevoel dat niet alleen mijn longen, maar vooral mijn hart een stukje verder heeft geopend.’

Isabelle Delgrange

“I was able to experience the breathing sessions series for trauma release with Lisanne. She is an amazing facilitator, I really enjoyed the sessions. Through this process the body is able to release the unnecessary blocked tensions and emotions we accumulate and repress. I really liked that it is a non verbal process.
I highly recommend this process !”
Isabelle Delgrange

Cole Lopez

“Lisanne embodies such a gentle, beautiful grace. I felt completely supported and safe during my breathing session to surrender in her guidance and care. The session stirred up a lot of trapped emotions and my awareness was extremely heightened. I was able to feel what was no longer serving me with actionable practices for renewal and release.”

Cole Lopez

Lalitha Maitri

“If you are curious about breathwork, you’ll find warm, kind and professional support with Lisanne. I did the full breathwork series. With her gentle guidance, I was able to breathe more fully in my entire body. I felt held and safe in her presence and was able to let my body move without feeling ashamed. She noticed when I was not present anymore and was able to get my attention back to the body and breath.”


‘I breathe every day in my life and I was hardly aware of my breathing.

I have experienced two breathing sessions with Lisanne. I did not know what to expect from a breathing session, I must admit. Lisanne explained everything in a calm and clear way. Her instructions during the session were very easy to follow and she gave me a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

During the sessions I trusted Lisanne completely, felt relaxed and safe and I could let go of all stress, tension and negative emotions. Everything in me tingled and I could feel de energy flow through my body. I was guided in a peaceful way through the session.

Lisanne is a very special, good-natured and spiritual person and she has a passion for the power of (self)healing by breathing.

I look forward to my next breathing session!’