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Everybody is different. Every situation is different. Everybody grows in a different way. That means a customised approach is needed for a person or group. I offer a variety in breathwork, coaching and facilitation products that will always be matched to your specific needs and they will help you grow. At your pace. In your own unique way! If you want to consult which of the product you find below is right for you, contact me for a free 15 minute intake by sending me a message with your question including your phone number and I will contact you. 

All sessions are given in Dutch and/or English. 

Breathwork products:

Private breathing session:

A private breathing session creates a safe held space with full attention of the facilitator that guides you step by step through the breathing session. You can optimally explore and break through whatever you need to let go to completely recharge and reset your body into a more vibrant version of you. 

  • Intake / single session: €120,-Full body package of 7 sessions: €800,-

Private breathing sessions take approximately 1 – 1,5 hours and take place in Den Bosch, NL, or otherwise agreed upon.

Biodynamic Breath Workshops:

Perfect when you are new to breathwork and want to experience the power of Biodynamic Breathwork in a group setting. These workshops give an introduction to the work in an easy way combined with movement and meditation exercises. Workshops may have different themes and prices differ per workshop. Click here for the workshop page. 

Coaching products:

Private Coaching Sessions:

Private coaching sessions are amazing when you want to tackle a specific question or challenge in your life. This can be work related or personal. You are looking for someone to challenge you, ask the deeper questions and help you get the insights you need to create a personal breakthrough! The price of a trajectory of 8 sessions depends on if your employer is covering the costs, or if you cover them personally. If needed, the amount of sessions can be adjusted to your needs.

Price indication for a 8-session trajectory:

  • Business trajectory: €1.300,- excluding BTW
  • Private trajectory: €1.300,- including BTW

Coaching sessions take 1 – 1,5 hours and take place via Skype (or similar connection) or in Den Bosch, NL.

Breath – Coaching

This type of coaching combines the power of breathwork and coaching. During this coach trajectory, we take breathwork exercises as an important messenger in how we explore your challenges together. This offers the best of both breathwork and coaching, integrating information from the subconscious and the conscious mind and activating them together to create the progress you are envisioning for yourself. 

Price indication for a 8-session trajectory:

  • Business trajectory: €1.600,- excluding BTW
  • Private trajectory: €1.600,- including BTW

Breath-coaching sessions take approximately 1,5 – 2 hours and take place in Den Bosch, NL, or otherwise agreed upon.

Business Facilitation products:

Creative group facilitation

When you have a challenge with your group of colleagues and you know you won’t reach your goals in the way you are proceeding, it is time to call in a facilitator! Especially when you have challenges in creating a future with high ambitions that you want to realise, I am here for you! In a co-creative process I will help you and your colleagues find the answers and actionables you need to meet your goals and break through the patterns that are holding you back in meeting them right now. To set up a free intake, challenge me with your challenge and contact me! A price indication will be given after the intake.

Breathwork for business

Have you ever wondered what the power of a moment can be if you and your colleagues, amidst all of the tasks due, would just stop and take a breath?! Would you make different choices? Would you interact differently? Would the outcome of your work be different? How would that affect the quality of your day? Learn how to integrate the power of your breath during a workshop for you and your colleagues to create more oxygen, time and space in your work in general! Amidst all the tasks and stresses we experience in our daily work, it is important to stay centered and clear in your head and body and not get overrun by the stress around you.  You’ll get easy practises that you can integrate in your workday so that whenever you need it, you will have the power and resource to come back to your breath, re-evaluate and consciously choose how to proceed. To book a workshop or schedule a free intake to check if this workshop is right for your business, contact me! A price indication will be given after the intake.

Custom products

You know you want some help in your challenge, whether it is personal or business related, but you don’t see your product yet? And you know there is immense power in the integration of breathwork, coaching and facilitation… Don’t hesitate and contact me! Together we may find out just what you need!

Hire me & co-create with me!

Do you want to organize a workshop in your yoga studio or partner in organizing a workshop or retreat? Or do you want a kick-ass co-facilitator who brings a bright analytic mind and breath into your project? Send me a message through my contact page!

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