What is holding you back from living your full potential?

Usually it are patterns created through past experiences that don’t serve us any more that prohibit us from freeing ourselves and taking steps forward. We can experience these patterns by holding tension or even pain on physical, mental and emotional levels.

‘How do I let go of these patterns and break through?’

Whether you are aware of these patterns or not, the most powerful way I have found to break through and free myself to take my next steps is with Breathwork. Specifically with Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®). This system integrates the latest scientific findings on how the body’s nervous system stores and releases energy combined with bodywork and experience. It specifically is designed to release chronic tension (or trauma) from the body.

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‘Trauma, that sounds heavy! Is BBTRS® also for me if I didn’t experience trauma?’

If you experience a chronic holding of tension, physical, mental or emotional, or you just feel ‘stuck’, chances are you are experiencing the remnants of unresolved stress in your body. When we take a close look, we probably all have unresolved stresses in our bodies. From the moment we are conceived, our bodies register everything that happens to us (even in the womb!) and they remember.

Naturally, when something impactful or threatening happens to us, the body produces energy to either fight or flight this situation and afterwards finds a balanced state as if nothing happened.

We don’t always have the opportunity to fight or flight. Fully experiencing and reacting to things that happen to us can be too confronting at the moment (like in a car crash or during abuse) or not ‘appropriate’ or ‘allowed’ (like a heavy confrontation in a formal setting or a strict parent that won’t allow any ‘nonsense’).

To protect us at these moments, our bodies automatically ‘freeze’ the energies that are produced naturally to fight or flight, to use at a later moment in time. This allows us to survive at the moment of a stressful experience. However, the energies that build as a result will stay in the body until they are expressed (and yes, the body can hold these energies for decades!).

Almost everybody carries some kind of ‘stuck’ energy that can express in the body in many ways. Often someone can experience numerous complaints and symptoms that are often ‘inexplicable’. Examples of these are stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, eating disorders, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, self-destructive behavior and decreased concentration.

The good news is that the body will always take any opportunity to release and move into balance! A BBTRS® session is the most direct way to create this opportunity!

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“Whatever your experience is right now,  trust you can get in touch with the innate wisdom of your body and let go of ‘stuck’ energy that may linger. Freeing yourself from ‘holding’ this energy will help you feel more vibrant and joyful in your life!”

‘How do I let go of the stuck energy in my body?’

Of course there are many ways to release stuck energy from the body. For me, the most powerful way I have found is through the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®). It has been super effective and has literally changed my life! That is why I also want to share the power of this work with YOU!

‘How does it work?’

BBTRS® integrates 6 elements that are integrated during a breathing session to help support the body to release chronic tension and return to its natural and balanced state:

  • deep connected breathing
  • movement
  • sound
  • conscious touch
  • emotional release
  • meditation

The sessions are designed in a series to support the release of chronic tension and create opening throughout the body by using a deep and connected breathing.

During a session, you are facilitated step by step to get in touch with sensations you experience at that moment in your body and to explore them. By using the deep connected breathing together with physical awareness, you allow the ‘stuck’ energy in your body to express and let go step by step.

This is done in a safe environment where you will always be supported to come back to your internal place of resource and comfort whenever it is needed.

“Ultimately you have to experience a breathing session to understand what it is! Every breathing session is unique and beautiful in its own way. You will be completely guided and supported throughout the process.”

Example of a breathing session

‘What are the effects of a breathing session?’

The breathing sessions are designed to let go of chronic tension held in the body on a physical, mental and emotional level. With the release of these tensions, you may experience a shift or breakthrough in your experience on all levels.

When tension releases, the body rebalances itself, naturally going into a state of relaxation and healing. At the end of a session, people generally feel relaxed and calm. After (a series of) breathing sessions, the shifts in energy become apparent on different levels in life, opening up the body for more vibrancy, energy and joy that you experience in your daily life.

When you feel a ‘yes’ in your heart and are ready to take your next step to explore and break through of what has been holding you back, come give it a try and experience what a breathing session can do for you!

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‘What does a breathing session cost?’

  • Intake / single session: €120,-
  • Full body package of 7 sessions: €800,-

Sessions take approximately 1,5 hours. If you want a free 15 minute intake to find out if a session is right for you, send me a message including your phone number and I will contact you.

Want to know more about Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System®? Take a look at the official BBTRS® website. Here you will also find my practitioner profile.

Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® has a few contra indications to make sure that taking part in a breathing session is safe for you. If you have any of the following, please contact Lisanne before taking part in a breathing session:

Pregnancy, heavy asthma, severe heart disease/cardiovascular disease/very high blood pressure, mental illness/disorders patients, epilepsy and history of seizure, acute physical injuries, severe diabetes.

  • The minimum age for a session is 16 years
  • No session while intoxicated with drugs/alcohol. (This excludes prescribed medications)