What is holding you back from living your full potential?

Usually it are patterns created through past experiences that don’t serve us any more that prohibit us from freeing ourselves and taking steps forward.

Coaching is a powerful tool to get insight in yourself, your holding patterns and give your personal development a boost, breaking through old habits that are no longer serving you!

I love coaching because it has given me so much wisdom, insight and clarity and I am super grateful to a few different coaches that helped me along the way.

Coaching consists of a series of conversations, in person or online, tackling a specific question or challenge. This can be work-related or personal, usually they are intertwined. As a coach I listen and ask questions to dig deeper and help you get new insights to overcome your challenge. This may include showing you different perspectives, help to organise your thoughts and offering different exercises. Whatever is needed, I will be there for you a 100% of the way!

A coaching series is different for every client; we work on whatever is needed to help you step into your full power and live your true potential!

In my coaching I work with a body oriented approach to create integration between head, heart and gut. I integrate skills developed over time, using knowledge from breathwork, yoga, meditation, systemic work and architecture, providing you with a fully equipped toolbox to help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you back at this moment!

Most of all, I think coaching sessions should be fun while creating real progress and change! After all, you are growing and that should be celebrated!

Usually coaching trajectories are supported by employers. The price of a trajectory of 8 sessions depends on if your employer is covering the costs, or if you cover them privately. If needed, the amount of sessions can be adjusted to your needs.

Price indication for a 8-session trajectory:
  • Business trajectory: €1.300,- excluding BTW
  • Private trajectory: €1.300,- including BTW

Are you interested in a free 15 minute intake to check out if coaching is right for you? Please send me a message through my contact page, providing your phone number and I will contact you.