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Businesses are complex environments that ask for customised approaches according to the needs of the group at that time. For businesses I offer three programs:

‘Power to Potential’ a training program for young employees. This program aims to enhance potential by combining practical exercises to enhance personal leadership and body awareness. It is a preventative program against the new trend called burnout.

‘Breathwork for business’ a customised breathwork program that focuses on enhancing personal leadership and resilience that offers practical tools.

‘Creative group facilitation’ – a customised facilitation style that integrates innovative facilitation with teamcoaching and elements focusing on enhancing the wisdom from both the head and the body.

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Power to Potential

This program is specially designed for young talented employees between 25 and 35. This group that holds our next generation leaders scores highest on the symptoms of burnout (20%!!! according to CBS). It is time to act now and provide this amazing group of enthusiastic and motivated people with the time and space to dig deep.

Power to Potential offers them the time and space to find their personal motivation and talents together with body awareness. This enhances their personal balance, preventing them from experiencing burnout symptoms and empowering them to change course if they already have crossed their boundaries. Find more on this program in this folder. (It is in Dutch, if you want the English information please contact me).

Breathwork for business

Have you ever wondered what the power of a moment can be if you and your colleagues, amidst all of the tasks due, would just stop and take a breath?! Would you make different choices? Would you interact differently? Would the outcome of your work be different? How would that affect the quality of your day? 

Explore the power of breath and how breathwork, reflection and slowing down will help improve the quality of your work and life balance and vitality for your business!

Learn how to integrate the power of your breath with your colleagues to create more oxygen, time and space in your work in general!

Amidst all the tasks and stresses we experience in our daily work, it is important to stay centered and clear in your head and body and not get overrun by the stress around you.  

You’ll get easy practises that you can integrate in your workday so that whenever you need it, you will have the power and resource to come back to your breath, re-evaluate and consciously choose how to proceed.

Together we can create the right program for your business ranging from 0.5 to 3 days. Contact me and explain your challenge! 

Creative group facilitation

When you have a challenge or development you are working on with your colleagues and you know you won’t reach your goals in the way you are proceeding at the moment, it is time to call in a facilitator!

A facilitator engages in the facilitation of a group from an neutral standpoint, helping the group with the challenge or development they face. This may include helping the group to understand their common goals and objectives or creating new ones, creating plans and visions for the future and planning how to achieve these to create a strong basis for future action. Basically the facilitator creates the right conditions for the group to make the necessary steps in their developmental process. This includes working with group dynamics and including all wisdom present in the group to co-create the future.

Getting out of the ‘normal’ situation and shaking up the known patterns is a huge part of creating breakthroughs in challenges faced for the groups I facilitate. Inspired by my experience at the LEF Future Centre and with my background as an architect, I love to use the environment as and inspirational part of the process.

In my work I use the wisdom of the body and breath, creating conscious time to slow down and reflect. These are important parts of the facilitation style I use, challenging the brain to create new patterns and think beyond the normal patterns to create new outcomes to work with.

You have to slow down before you can accelerate!

In a co-creative process I will help you and your colleagues find the answers and actionables you need to meet your goals and break through the patterns that are holding you back in meeting them right now. 

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Each business is unique. That is why I mostly work with tailored programs, to make sure you get what is best for your business at this time.

Let’s connect and share with me your challenges!

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