Business Facilitation

What is holding you and your colleagues back from creating and reaching your full potential?

When you have a challenge with your group of colleagues and you know you won’t reach your goals in the way you are proceeding, it is time to call in a facilitator!

A facilitator engages in the facilitation of a group from an neutral standpoint, helping the group with the challenge they face. This may include helping the group to understand their common objectives, helping the group to create a new common objective and assists them to plan how to achieve these so that it has a strong basis for future action. Ideally, the group makes use of all the differences and qualities present in the group, including all wisdom present and co-creating the future.

Inspired by my experience at the LEF Future Centre and with my background as an architect, I love to use the environment as and inspirational part of the process. Getting out of the ‘normal’ situation and shake the known patterns up is a huge part of creating breakthroughs in challenges faced. Also, using the wisdom of the body and breath, creating conscious time to slow down and reflect, are important parts of the facilitation style I use. 

‘You have to slow down before you can accelerate!’

As a facilitator I offer group facilitation and breathwork for business facilitation. The difference lies in the accent that is given, matching to the need of your business. When you have a challenge and you specifically want to go into that challenge, the emphasis will lie on creative group facilitation. When you want to explore more of the general power of how breath and slowing down may help improve the quality of work and life for your business, the emphasis will lie more on breathwork.

Together we can create the right program for your business. To set up a free intake and challenge me with your challenge and contact me! A price indication will be given after the intake.