Why moms need to be selfish

Hey there young mom, In this time that most of us are staying-at-home-trying-to-work-and-look-after-the-kids-at-the-same-time-moms it can be super frustrating to hear everyone around us talking about how this Corona time really gives us the chance to slow down and grow. What?! For you as mom it is probably busier than ever trying to juggle all balls [...]

Find your balance in challenging times

We all know challenging times. Times of transformation. Times where we are not sure where we are going. Times when we feel like we 'lose' ourselves, or are not quite ourselves. A move, a new job or other exciting times! While these changes can be super fun and exhilarating, or maybe less fun and stressful, [...]

The 6 human needs

In our life we make choices. We do things. We have ambitions. We create things. We destroy things. Sometimes we know why and we are 'aware', and sometimes things just seem to happen and we don't know why. Lately, the 6 human needs described by Tony Robbins are a key element that keep coming back [...]