Find your balance in challenging times

We all know challenging times. Times of transformation. Times where we are not sure where we are going. Times when we feel like we ‘lose’ ourselves, or are not quite ourselves. A move, a new job or other exciting times! While these changes can be super fun and exhilarating, or maybe less fun and stressful, the challenging times seem to be difficult when we are in the middle. Looking back, these are often the times that were most significant for our growth or important insight that led to choices we made because of them! 

Having been through a lot of transition the last few years, and I am still in the middle of a lot of huge transitions right now, it has been a practice for me to stay on my game and keep my balance. Sometimes with more success than others :-).

For me, even realising that the times of transition are the moments I grow and learn puts whatever situation I face in perspective. However, that doesn’t make the challenges go away or easier! Facing them is the only option to go through! But how you face it can change your whole perception…

I will share a few ways I made my perception change for the better while facing my challenges:

1. I find my resource
2. I take time to reflect on the situation and ask myself: “How am I growing right now?”
3. I meditate and choose how I want my ‘outcome’ to look, feel, taste,… like 
4. I take the best care of me I can do in the moment (sleep, food, exercise, etc.)
5. I find gratitude for the situation in my heart

Now, everyone has a different way of handling their challenging times. I would love to know: how do you handle your challenges and what do you need to stay balanced and in your power? Hit ‘reply’ and let me know! 

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